We Love You!

American Steakhouse

We love American Steakhouse because it gave us YOU for the last 60 years.


You are the reason we are still here. We acknowledge you, Our Customers every day. You are the reason we survived through every era and every year. You are the reason we are excited to be in business and come to work.

YOU – Our Customers – are our special someone this Valentine’s Day. We are thankful each time you walk through our door and we are able to serve you. The faces we have seen for over 60 years have made us what we do and what we are. We have seen your children and their children and their children’s children. We grew up with you and died with you over the years.

Our love affair continues to grow and grow.


American Steakhouse is kid friendly. Keep bringing the whole family! Bridgeport, Meriden & Norwalk.

Click here for our printable catering menu!

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